Faux Wax Seals

Where you are wanting your packaging or direct mail piece to stand out, few things speak nobility and luxury better than a faux wax seal. Peak combine traditional techniques with modern manufacturing technology to create ornate, durable, and elegant wax seal designs for our most discerning clients.

Usable even on even the smoothest surfaces, our faux wax sealing process produces seals that are perfect for your brand. Our technology adds identity and sophistication to your packaging that will allow your products to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Our faux wax seals are made from high-quality materials and adhesives that can be used in a variety of applications from paper, wood, glass and metal. Our process allows for the creation of different designs, colours, sizes and combinations depending on the specific needs of your clients brand.

Regardless of the design, each seal is made under strict emphasis on quality and durability. Our seals are meant to represent your brand’s identity, and we go to great lengths to ensure that your brand’s qualities are accented in the quality of our work.

Our faux wax seals serve one primary purpose – identity. Our process ensures that your brand’s logo stands out in your product’s packaging.

Each seal can be made to adhere to a variety of surfaces, allowing for many applications from wine bottles to paper envelopes.

Minimum production runs start at only 500 pieces. Contact Us Today With Your Enquiry