Introducing “Enviroflutes” - the Worlds’ Most Environmentally Friendly Padded Bag

At Peak Envelopes, we have recently added an exciting new addition to our range. We are pleased to now offer an innovative new solution at a time of growing societal concern of over-use of plastics. With the industry gradually turning away from anything poly that is non-recyclable, non-biodegradable or simply environmentally unfriendly, we were keen to fill this void and provide a solution that would benefit both our customers and your customers – and the environment!

The Enviroflute is a fully recyclable alternative to the traditional plastic bubble bag, made from sustainably sourced paper, offering the same level of protection via an internal corrugated design. The design lends itself to provide a better surface which to print on, as it is smoother and more streamlined than its plastic counterpart.

Therefore, we have invested in a brand new machine allowing us to customise and print CMYK. We believe by making this commitment, we are not only providing a quick turnaround for our customers, but are showing our faith in the value of this product.

The sleekness & lightness of the Enviroflute cleverly addresses the problem of “empty space packaging”, as well as benefitting our customers from significantly reduced postage, storage, holding & transport costs, thus also boasting a reduction in C02 footprint.

With a whole warehouse aisle dedicated to holding the 10 sizes in stock, we have been able to immediately provide a solution to new customers enquiring as to what we can offer to help them with their postal requirements:

“These arrived and are currently flying out of the building. They’re working well, thank you!”

Long-standing customers have also seen the benefits of our new offering, commenting:

“Very happy with the stock you sent and the cost, we would happily order the same again, great quality and good service”

“The stock we received was good quality and came within a reasonable amount of time” - with our new machine, we were on this occasion able to offer a 2 day turnaround from order to delivery. All in all, the Enviroflute is the cost-effective answer that the print & direct mail industry has been looking for since the world woke up to the problem of plastics in our environment. Contact us today to find out how this can benefit your company and help protect our world for future generations.


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