Printed envelopes designed to pique your interest

Peak don’t just create envelopes, we print them too. And by printing, we mean high quality print finishes in a range of styles. And while this may not seem like a big deal, to us it’s everything. Printed envelopes with eye-catching logos, on brand pictures, and memorable messages are much more likely to be opened. They add value and prestige to any regular mail delivery. Plus we include our seal of approval with our ISO accreditations on the back.

Our facilities include litho, flexo & overprint with CTP technology or UV driers onto a range of sizes and styles of envelopes, with flat sheet conversions also possible allowing edge-to-edge print, textured papers, completely bespoke sizes and unique window positions. What does that even mean? It's fancy words to tell you we can do pretty much any type of printing that you might require on an envelope. Here’s a few examples to show you what we have created in the past for a few of our customers.

Peak’s number one job is to take the hassle out of you sharing your message with the world, while at the same timing, piquing your customer’s curiosity enough to open your envelope and see what's inside.