Black paper padded Bags - eco-friendly & sustainable packaging 

Recyclable, biodegradable, super lightweight and water resistant


On top of our best seller, the world's number one paper padded bag, we also offer a black paper padded bag too in size 0/C

Padded bags are a necessary staple in the packaging industry. And as more customers are opting for subscription packaging, and online shopping, our very eco-friendly paper padded bag is the ideal packaging allrounder for your clients to stock. The black paper padded bag is sleek, stylish and just as durable and eco-friendly as it's white and kraft brown counterparts. 

Our paper padded bags offer protection against the elements, are water resistant, can withstand the usual knocks and bumps from delivery, and are great for storing items like electronics, jewellery, fashion items and other small inventory. It also leads to a drastic reduction in the use of single use plastic bags, and this is a big win.   

Useful specs and info:

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padded bags

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Water resistant padded bagWater resistant paper padded bag Water resistant paper padded bag