Gift boxes and Subscription boxes

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With the rise of subscription box packaging, it's important that you can offer your clients variety when choosing the right gift boxes. Here at Peak, we have come up with a selection of gift boxes that are guaranteed to sort even the trickiest of items that need boxing. And using our new digital printer, we can even print logos, designs and customers names and addresses on those boxes to suit your clients, or your trade, needs.

Here's a few reasons why the gift box might be right for your client:

GIFT BOXES OR SUBSCRIPTION BOXES - Gift box sizes are very flexible. And depending on the size they can also double as subscription postal boxes. Our subscription packaging solutions are becoming more and more popular and our gift boxes have been created to suit the ever-changing market.

SOMETHING UNIQUE - We can help you find a unique gift box that will suit your client's needs. We always keep our most popular boxes in stock but if we don't currently stock the particular one you're after, we can order it. And we will happily source a bespoke solution - including inserts to keep their products safely stored during transit.

BESPOKE PRINTING - It doesn't stop at just the gift box itself. We can make your gift box or postal box truly unique by adding your customer's logo to the design too. We help your clients stand out and differentiate themselves from others. We offer colour printing, and colour choices for the make of the box too.

PROUDLY UK MANUFACTURED AND SUSTAINABLE - Our gift box products are made from sustainable sources, we replant our trees, and we offer a suite of boxes and envelopes that are recyclable (and many biodegradable), and made right here in the UK.

Get in touch with one of our team so we can help you find the perfect gift box solution. Let's chat further.


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