Padded bag 100 X 160mm (and various sizes) - Airship White Peel & Seal Padded Bags


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Traditional padded bags with a bubble foil lining

This premium, high-quality bubble bag is the ultimate shock-absorbing, sturdy packaging solution. The protective layer of the bubble foil lining the inside of the envelope stiffens the bag and prevents it from being torn. This protective layer effectively cushions it from scratches, creases, chips and breaks and deadens shocks, hence protecting valuables and helping prevent bends.

This durable and sturdy bag also comes with a wide and aesthetic seal on the edges, ensuring it won't tear easily. 

Available in 10 sizes, this padded bag uses a minimum of 70% recycled plastic. It is available in white and packed in white cardboard protective boxes.  

Brand Airship

Sizes available

100 X 160mm; 120 X 210mm; 150 x 210mm; 180 X 260; 220 X 210; 220 X 330; 230 X 330; 270 X 360; 300 X 440; 350 X 470;

Colour White
Window Non-window
Opaque Non-opaque (All white - no inside print)
Opening Multiple opening transparent tape, buckle holes
Closure Peel & Seal (Lift strip to expose glue)
Style Padded Bags / Bubble Bag / Bubble Mailer
Postal Size Large letter (up to 250 x 353mm
Pack Size 100 Envelopes
Pallet Qty 4800 Envelopes (48 Boxes of 100)
Weight per item 4 grams



  • Small items
  • Jewellery
  • Electronics and tech
  • Fixings and inventory
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Our digital printer offers personalised branding - add your logo or slogan to our padded bubble bags
  • 4 colour printing 
  • Available in white and brown
  • Both sides are blank